Posted 19 июля 2022,, 07:13

Published 19 июля 2022,, 07:13

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Retailers promised a one-year warranty on parallel import electronics

Retailers promised a one-year warranty on parallel import electronics

19 июля 2022, 07:13
Retailers from the Association of Internet Trade Companies, which includes M.Video, Eldorado, Citilink, All Instruments, Yandex.Market, Ozon and DNS, promised buyers a year of warranty for sophisticated electronics purchased from them .

According to Izvestia, the head of AKIT Artem Sokolov, first of all, they mean smartphones, laptops, computers and household appliances - goods that will be imported into the country using the parallel import mechanism.

Previously, buyers received a guarantee directly from the manufacturers of equipment, but now the products of a number of companies that have left the Russian market have begun to be sold without a guarantee. Sokolov emphasizes that the issue of guarantees by the seller is not an obligation. This is a right that the seller exercises at his own discretion.

Currently, retail chains that decide to provide guarantees to buyers will have to sign their contracts with service centers that previously worked with manufacturers. This will allow services to accept devices for repair, and the retailer will pay for it. In fact, this amount will be included in the final cost of equipment, which is paid by the buyer.

June 21 deputies of the State Duma approved a bill proposed by the government to legalize parallel imports in Russia. The essence of the law is that now, when importing foreign goods, the use of the exclusive right to the results of intellectual activity will not be considered a violation. This will be one of the ways to circumvent the Western sanctions imposed against the Russian Federation.