Posted 20 июля 2022, 13:07

Published 20 июля 2022, 13:07

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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Cases of sex in public places have become more frequent in Sochi

20 июля 2022, 13:07
Фото: Подъем
The police called on residents and guests of the city to "observe at least some norms of decency" and not to engage in indecency in public places.

So, one of the couples was noticed making love on a sap right into the sea. The second couple retired under the palm trees.

The Sochi police noted that the identity of the violators is now being established, as well as the day when this happened. The footage posted on the network shows that these days it was sunny, while it has been raining in Sochi for the last week.

"Both videos were made in the summer. Let's clarify which summer", - the police commented to "Podyem".

The department added that the incident at sea does not fall under their area of responsibility. Actions under a palm tree are a violation of the administrative code and can be interpreted as petty hooliganism. Violators face a fine of 1,000 rubles or arrest for up to 15 days.