Posted 8 августа 2022,, 06:45

Published 8 августа 2022,, 06:45

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

China announces regular drills in Taiwan Strait

China announces regular drills in Taiwan Strait

8 августа 2022, 06:45
Chinese state media announced on August 7 that the four-day exercise in the Taiwan Strait had ended, but the People's Liberation Army would regularly conduct such military exercises east of Taiwan's median line.

According to CCTV, the median line has never received legal recognition, describing it as an "imaginary" line conceived by the US military in the last century to meet their combat needs.

Recall that the agreement between Beijing and Taipei is an unspoken agreement not to cross this line (Davis Line), but in September 2020, China unilaterally denied the existence of a median line in the Taiwan Strait. Then the line was crossed a second time - by PLA aircraft.

On August 4, more than a hundred military aircraft and a dozen destroyers were involved in an unprecedented-scale exercise by the Chinese army near the island of Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese military will conduct live-fire artillery exercises on August 9 and 11 in Pingtung County in the south of the island. Self-propelled howitzers M109 and M110 will take part in the maneuvers.