Posted 8 августа 2022, 09:17

Published 8 августа 2022, 09:17

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"Patriots" create a register of "cultural enemies of the people"

8 августа 2022, 09:17
The activity of the recently created Group for the Investigation of Anti-Russian Activities in the Sphere of Culture is bearing its first fruits: a register of cultural figures and officials holding an "anti-Russian position" has been created and is being updated.

The next and quite expected stage in the fight against dissent in Russian culture is gaining momentum. According to media reports, in early August, the first meeting of the group for the investigation of anti-Russian activities in the field of culture (GRAD) was held. Among its founders are the leader of the Just Russia - For Truth party Sergei Mironov and the writer Zakhar Prilepin, who said the group was founded to "create conditions for countering pro-Western influence in the humanitarian sphere and forming a patriotic cultural elite." And for this, all means are good, including "drawing the attention of supervisory authorities to the facts of state support for cultural figures who take a hostile position towards Russia's actions to strengthen sovereignty and protect state interests".

In other words, GRAD will simply denounce cultural figures who did not support the special operation, and not only those who spoke "against", but simply "keep quiet". All this in order to deprive them of state financial support, or in general - to prohibit them from engaging in cultural activities on the territory of Russia. Instead, a new deeply patriotic and loyal to the authorities cultural elite will be created. Mironov has already announced that GRAD intends to submit his proposals to the State Duma this fall.

In the meantime, the “creators of the new elite” have created an information resource that lists cultural figures called “agents of foreign influence”, as well as their associates in state structures, who should be deprived of the opportunity “to hold government positions because of their anti-state position”.

It is curious that the form for denunciations of certain "apostates" can be filled out and sent to this resource by any citizen of Russia. In the meantime, the "black list" of GRAD includes 142 people, among whom there are completely unexpected characters, including even the general director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst (he is still "in question", the general director of the Bolshoi Theater Vladimir Urin (silent), adviser to the President of Russia in culture, Vladimir Tolstoy, and even TV presenter and journalist Vitaly Tretyakov!Of course, the list will be supplemented, and, presumably, very quickly.

Experts call this list “extremely eclectic, it includes people from a wide variety of professional groups. On what basis these people were chosen, and not others, is unknown. Although another question is more interesting - who exactly authorized the deputies, languishing from idleness, to create such a structure and form certain lists..."

The list has no legal consequences, but, in fact, it is an act of pressure and blackmail. The meaning of creating such a list is clear: the need to search for enemies in a difficult time for the country.

Experts agree that the deputies' initiative is unlikely to have any significant continuation. She, rather, in order to be noticed and caressed..."

Journalist Andrey Nalgin commented on this event:

“There are a lot of amazing things on the list. They gathered together left and right, young and old, people in positions and without positions, and even included some devoted servants of the regime.

Complete nonsense.

Volodya Tolstoy, for example, is not only the great-great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy and the father-in-law of Sergei Shargunov, but is still an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on cultural issues. What claims to him, I would like to know?

Or to Ernst and Tretyakov?

Who were they going to send to the DPR-LPR for “re-education”? Kuchkin or what? So she is 90 years old soon..."

And here is how one of the authors of this initiative, patriotic poet Igor Karaulov, regards the first results of his work:

“Ammunition wagons were produced under the GRAD project. Like ukram near Avdiivka. Everyone joined in, right down to the quietest Legoyda. As on command - or exactly what is on command.

GRAD (as I said, a punk project, provocative) revealed something that did not become clear yesterday. The authorities may be willing to allocate a corner to the "new culture", but they do not want to radically change the state of affairs in culture. Because - how is it to leave the country alone with the "new culture"? What if there is peace tomorrow? Well, in general: what can you, the "new culture", offer for a peaceful life? The question is really important, not far-fetched ... "