Posted 8 августа 2022, 05:40

Published 8 августа 2022, 05:40

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Zelensky announced the impossibility of negotiations with Moscow in the case of "pseudo-referendum"

8 августа 2022, 05:40
Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky said that Russia would close the opportunity for negotiations with Kiev and the West if referendums were held in the regions under its control.

In his telegram channel, he wrote that if official Moscow follows “these pseudo-referendums, then they will close any possibility of negotiations with Ukraine and the free world, which the Russian side will definitely need at some point”.

It's worth reminding that the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions came under the control of Russian troops. Representatives of the Kherson military-civilian administration said that a referendum on "self-determination" of the region would be held in the region in the near future. At the same time, following the results of the referendum, the State Duma proposed to include the Kherson region into Russia. Western countries oppose territorial changes in Ukraine and have imposed sanctions against Russia in this regard.