Posted 9 августа 2022,, 15:50

Published 9 августа 2022,, 15:50

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Saving on the dead: gas prices made Germany's crematoria work around the clock

9 августа 2022, 15:50
In these institutions, it was decided to no longer turn off the cremation ovens in order to waste fuel for their reheating.

Rising gas prices in Germany worry and shock not only households, but also entrepreneurs. Including in such a difficult area as the funeral. Every year in the largest German crematorium "Rhine-Taunus-Krematorium" (federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia) 35 thousand of the dead are burned. But recently, a local energy company announced extremely unpleasant news: from October 1, the price of gas will be more than doubled.

The management of the crematorium found a way out. Usually, the temperature in eight ovens is brought up to the operating temperature - 800 degrees with the help of gas, and only then do they begin to burn the coffins. When the cremation process ends, the gas is turned off, and each time you turn it on, you have to wait again for the chambers to heat up again to the desired temperature. Now, so that the temperature does not fall, the gas in the furnace will be supplied continuously around the clock, and cremations will take place at night and on weekends, the newspaper Bild reports .

“Our employees understand this and have agreed to adopt the new working schedule,” says crematorium director Karl-Heinz Könsgen.