Posted 9 августа 2022,, 15:39

Published 9 августа 2022,, 15:39

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The hotel manager called 10 things that guests should not do

The hotel manager called 10 things that guests should not do

9 августа 2022, 15:39
Hygiene and safety rules.

Hotel manager and TikTok user (banned by Roskomnadzor) Evangeline shared her experience to warn tourists against the troubles that can await them in hotels, according to the Daily Mail. Evangeline listed ten things she never does herself or recommends to others - because she knows how hotels are cleaned and how safety rules are followed. Although this experience applies to American hotels, it seems to be quite universal.

According to Evangeline, her deep knowledge of all the ins and outs of cleaning in hotels prompted her to always take her own bedding with her when traveling. When she enters a hotel room, she first disinfects a few key items. “I would never use a remote control without wiping it down. Cleaning for yourself and cleaning for others are two different cleanings, you know? she says. I would never pour anything into glasses without first washing them. I would never sit on the bedspread. I take this thing off the first minute I enter the room. These things are washed not often... Approximately once a year. So don't sit on them."

You should also not walk on carpeted floors without shoes: "I always wear flip-flops ... I would also not take a shower without wearing them." “Another thing that is often overlooked is the hotel washcloth,” she continues. I will use a towel, but not a washcloth. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have used them before me. And it's not that they are not washed or sterilized. It's just that when so many people press a washcloth against their body parts, and then I'm asked to do the same... No, thank you. By the way, to clarify: when I say I use a towel, I mean I use it very, very carefully.” When checking in, Evangeline strongly advises that the names of all guests be entered on the hotel form. Otherwise, those whose name is not given may one day be refused keys if they return to the hotel without the main guest.

Evangeline also warns against calling out your room number at reception for safety reasons: “You may have noticed that the front desk manager will usually write your room number on a piece of paper, circle it and direct you to the elevators. He doesn't call him out loud. At least it shouldn't. And you deserve it."

So, 10 things not to do in hotels

  • Sit on the bedspread and even touch it.
  • Drink from glasses without washing them first.
  • Use the TV remote control without wiping it.
  • Walk barefoot on carpet.
  • Take a shower without slippers.
  • Use a hotel washcloth.
  • Say your number out loud.
  • Use an ice bucket.
  • Refuse to register in the hotel loyalty program.
  • When filling out the form, do not include the names of each of the guests.