Posted 10 августа 2022,, 14:20

Published 10 августа 2022,, 14:20

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Golden Thailand: in Krasnoyarsk the cheapest ticket to this country costs 760 thousand

Golden Thailand: in Krasnoyarsk the cheapest ticket to this country costs 760 thousand

10 августа 2022, 14:20
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Tour operators explain this price by an increase in the cost of holidays in this country, the cancellation of charter flights and a “failure on the site”.

"Golden" will be this year's holiday in Thailand, so beloved by Russians, especially when it comes to Siberians. So, the tour operator ANEX TOUR began selling trips to this country for September in several cities of Russia, including Krasnoyarsk (until the beginning of August, flights there from Russia were canceled), reports the Krasnoyarsk network publication NGS24.RU . The price was shocking: a week-long vacation for two in Phuket costs almost 1 million rubles! The cheapest ticket will cost 761.5 thousand rubles in a 3-star hotel. But that's not all: Thailand, which is relatively close to Krasnoyarskaya, will have to fly through Moscow - there are no direct charter flights there.

This news is actively discussed in the Krasnoyarsk public: Who will fly there for that kind of money? Even the Maldives is cheaper! »

It is curious at the same time that the farther a Russian city is located from Thailand, the cheaper it is to travel there. For example, tours from Novosibirsk can be bought for about 300, from St. Petersburg for 248, and from Moscow for 166 thousand rubles, that is, four times cheaper than from Krasnoyarsk.

However, the publication writes, experts explain this price by “a failure on the site”, promising that “the actual booking of the tour will be adjusted to 260 thousand rubles.” And they add at the same time that this is also expensive, since the holiday in Thailand itself has risen in price, and the Aeroflot flight through Moscow is much more expensive than the charters that flew before.

Meanwhile, in May, Krasnoyarsk tour operators calculated that the demand for tours in Russia has grown to 75% of all tours. Moreover, the most popular destinations are cities that have direct flights from Krasnoyarsk - these are Sochi and St. Petersburg. Almost all the remaining 25% of vouchers fall on the neighboring countries - Abkhazia and Belarus (bus tours around the country or holidays in sanatoriums are popular there). In general, beach holidays in Russia are popular among Krasnoyarsk residents, especially for last-minute tours. In this case, you can meet the 30-40 thousand rubles for six nights in inexpensive hotels 2-3 stars.

- Inquiries in Russia have really grown. Several factors influence this. People's purchasing power has plummeted, some are afraid to go abroad. But package tours in Turkey or Egypt most often cost more than 100 thousand rubles. But there are exceptions when you can pay 60-70 thousand for a week of rest, experts comment.