Posted 10 августа 2022,, 06:55

Published 10 августа 2022,, 06:55

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Smartphones will rise in price by 10-15% in September 2022

Smartphones will rise in price by 10-15% in September 2022

10 августа 2022, 06:55
Prices for smartphones in Russia in September this year will rise by 10-15%, since at this time citizens traditionally purchase new equipment. In August, the price of gadgets did not rise compared to July.

Such data from the price aggregator is provided by RIA Novosti. In the summer, a slight decrease in prices at the level of 2-5% was recorded. Flagship products fell in price due to the seasonal lull. At the same time, the price movement within the framework of seasonal demand will accelerate to 10-15%.

Apple and Samsung smartphones that left the Russian market are still the most popular among Russians. The goods of these brands are brought into the country under the parallel import scheme. However, by the end of 2022, the Chinese Xiaomi may become the leader in sales in the Russian Federation.

In July, it was reported that prices for iPhone smartphones returned to the level of early February. The same situation was observed with other popular models of smartphones and laptops. By the way, analysts believe that the Russians began to save more, so the electronics of "last seasons" are now comparable in demand with current models.