Posted 11 августа 2022, 06:42

Published 11 августа 2022, 06:42

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The Investigative Committee opened a case against the "Skopinsky maniac" for concealing a crime

11 августа 2022, 06:42
Investigators opened a criminal case against the Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov, who helped a suspect in the Ryazan region to hide the corpse in the basement.

According to RIA Novosti, acquaintances came to Mokhov's house, they drank alcohol, and then a conflict broke out between the owner and the guests. Mokhov accused 43-year-old Sergei Shchukin of stealing a goose. A scuffle began and another person present - Evgeny Polishchuk - killed Shchukin. It turned out that Mokhov helped the suspect hide the body of the murdered man in the courtyard of an abandoned house. A few days later the body was found.

Law enforcement officers detained Polishchuk, he confessed to the crime. A case was opened against Mokhov under the article on concealment of crimes.

Recall that in 2005 Mokhov was convicted of kidnapping and raping two girls. He was released in 2021. After his release, he gave an interview to Ksenia Sobchak, in which he stated that he was ready to “engage” with his victims again, since one of them could not get pregnant anymore. After such a statement, one of the girls asked for state protection. She noted that the maniac tried to contact her on social networks.