Posted 12 августа 2022,, 13:19

Published 12 августа 2022,, 13:19

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A wall of a five-story residential building collapsed in Omsk (VIDEO)

A wall of a five-story residential building collapsed in Omsk (VIDEO)

12 августа 2022, 13:19
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Today, a wall collapsed along the entire height near an apartment building along 20 Party Congress Street, 53 in Omsk. The incident was filmed by local residents.

According to the press service of the regional prosecutor's office, reports of the collapse of the wall were received at 14:00 Moscow time. An investigation has been organized into the incident.

“The prosecutor of the Omsk region went to the site of the collapse of an apartment building in the Soviet administrative district of Omsk”, - the prosecutor’s office said (quoted by RIA Novosti ).

According to the local publication Gorod55 , the mayor of Omsk, Sergei Shelest, also arrived at the scene, and emergency services are working. 40 people were evacuated from the building.

“40 people were evacuated from the house, at least 47 rescuers are working on the spot, the rubble is being cleared. Previously, there were no victims in the state of emergency - there were bathrooms in the collapsed part of the house” - Gorod55 reports, referring to rescuers.

Residents of the house have been complaining to the administration about the state of the building, which was recognized as emergency, for several years. The overhaul was delayed.

“The house has been in disrepair for several years now, but it has been recognized as habitable, the media write. In November 2021, the court decided to renovate the house before the end of the year, but this did not happen”, - Podyom reports.

Local residents report that the wall of the house has long been in critical condition. In the video below, the Shot Telegram channel showed how the building looked a month ago. The reason for the collapse of the wall is called a dilapidated state.