Posted 12 августа 2022,, 14:12

Published 12 августа 2022,, 14:12

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“Everything has burned down, but winter is ahead...” A refugee from the DPR turned to Putin for help

“Everything has burned down, but winter is ahead...” A refugee from the DPR turned to Putin for help

12 августа 2022, 14:12
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A businessman from Donbass, whose house and all his property was burned down during the shelling, asks the President of the Russian Federation to order the payment of compensation to him.

Tatyana Kotlyar, a public figure from the city of Obninsk, Kaluga Region, publishes on her blog an extract from the appeal of one of her wards to the President of Russia, a refugee from the Donbass city of Rubizhnoye (author's spelling):

“... As a result of the military operation in Ukraine, my family and I found ourselves in poverty at the limit of survival. I, a native Russian, was waiting for liberation, but not like this, I was liberated from everything. There was everything: a cottage, a car, a business. It so happened that my house was on the front line. Our children, a daughter and a son, left on March 10th. My wife and I did not have time to leave and spent 19 days in the cellar under shelling, both from Ukraine, and from Russia and the LPR. My wife and I, sitting in the cellar, counted 11 hits on the house, then it caught fire. Leaving March 25, 2022 from a burning house under shelling ... Everything burned down. Of the property, only what was worn by us remained. I am disabled 3 gr. (diabetes mellitus) received a burn and for 4 months the wound has not healed. 27/06/22 came to Russia and am in Obninsk on outpatient treatment. There is no means of subsistence, my son and cousin from Murmansk help.

It is impossible to live in Rubizhne. There is no light, gas and water. The entire infrastructure of the city is destroyed. There is no work. There are arrivals from Ukraine. You sit and think that the next one is in you. Winter ahead. I decided to become a citizen of the Russian Federation. I have filed and am awaiting a decision.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation determined the amount of damage to be 25 million rubles and opened a criminal case in which I was recognized as a victim. All photos and videos of the damage are available. How to live on, I do not know! When you had everything and were left with nothing! And this is not only what my wife and I earned, but the whole life of our deceased parents.

I ask you to pay me compensation for housing, bodily and moral damage, as soon as possible, since there is no money for life either for us or for our children. And renting an apartment is not cheap ... "