Posted 12 августа 2022,, 14:31

Published 12 августа 2022,, 14:31

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In Turkey, rescued a teddy bear, overeating "mad honey" (video)

In Turkey, rescued a teddy bear, overeating "mad honey" (video)

12 августа 2022, 14:31
A natural toxin produced by pollinating rhododendron bees causes a state of intoxication.

In the north-east of Turkey, in the province of Düzce, a young bear was found in a state of disorientation, writes Business Insider . Local press reports say that the unusual condition was caused by alcohol intoxication: the bear cub ate too much of the so-called mad honey. Video footage shows the drunken bear cub rocking in the back seat of a pickup truck.

Mad honey, known in Turkish as deli bal, is found in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a product of natural origin, which is obtained when bees pollinate certain rhododendron flowers that contain natural poisons - grayanotoxins. In high doses, poisoning with these toxins can cause dangerous heart rhythm disturbances, in small doses, dizziness, feelings of euphoria and hallucinations. In the past, mad honey has been used to treat hypertension, diabetes, and low libido.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Turkey in their social media accounts said that the cub is feeling well and is undergoing treatment, and also asked users to come up with a name for their new foster child.