Posted 15 августа 2022,, 08:41

Published 15 августа 2022,, 08:41

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Artist Dmitry Vrubel dies in Berlin

Artist Dmitry Vrubel dies in Berlin

15 августа 2022, 08:41
In Berlin, a 62-year-old Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel, the author of the famous graffiti "Brotherly Kiss", which depicts the USSR Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev and the head of the GDR Erich Honecker, died.

The literary critic Gleb Morev announced Vrubel's death. The artist's wife Victoria Timofeyeva said earlier that Vrubel was hospitalized at the end of June with the coronavirus, he was put into an artificial coma.

Recall that the first work of Vrubel was "The Judgment of Pilate", he painted this picture at the age of 15. Vrubel has been a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1983. I have lived in Berlin since 1990. In 1993 he became a member of the Union of Artists of Berlin.

In fact, the graffiti on the Berlin Wall with a kiss by the leader of the two countries is called “Lord, help me survive in this mortal love,” but it was the name “Brotherly Kiss” that stuck. His artist created in 1990, then he had to restore the work in 2009 after it was washed away.