Posted 15 августа 2022,, 12:34

Published 15 августа 2022,, 12:34

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The reasons why I don't like the state, especially the modern one

15 августа 2022, 12:34
Марина Шаповалова
All the best is done by people without the state and the more successful, the less its intervention.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

I don't like the state. In general. Of any kind. Especially modern.

I would wish any state that people, absolutely everyone, would refuse to fight for their states. Imagine a fantastic picture: the state sends people to fight, and the people to him - no, we won’t go! You supposedly need it, you go by yourself! But we don’t need it, we live where we live, we have enough of our own affairs ... And how can it go to war on its own when it doesn’t exist without people?

Idyll in the spirit of the 60s. Then they so dreamed of the guys of the whole Earth holding hands. Hands, not weapons.

And I'm a child of the 60s. Not from the most prosperous state, but childhood knows how to be happy. And in my childhood, people around me were sure: there can never be a war again! It was they who did not think about the causes that give rise to wars, but only about the fact that no normal person can want to relive what they experienced twenty years ago.

But people never think about the reasons. In the majority. And that is why they believe in the state, which, as if, exists on its own, without them and above them. As something smarter and more important than the people themselves. Having interests. Their. Which people don't really have. And how else can a person believe that thousands of kilometers from his home, where he himself has never been, there is “his land”? The state says - "our land", as if hinting that every person of that land is also the owner. Although everyone knows that this is not so. But they believe.

The state is always a sham. In the interests of those people who have seized roles and places in it, allowing them to command others, to take something from them and distribute it. Only when I was a child, I did not immediately understand how many such people serve a false fiction, and that all these people are abnormal. And desires have them - not as have normal.

Therefore, I always wanted the defeat and destruction of the state. So that all the crazy at one moment were out of work and without assigned rights. They would then have to work - really work, doing something useful for others, and not "deploy activities." And they would no longer be able to impose the “interests of the state” on people.

My childhood thoughts have changed in many ways over the past decades, but not in the main thing: I just became convinced that all the best is done by people without the state and the more successful the less its intervention. And in abominations people are involved in it, the state. They are also forced to commit villainy en masse, which a scoundrel taken separately and not endowed with power is not capable of. The state scales evil, parasitizing on the good.

But, alas, states are held together by blood and hide under it their main deception: that people do not have common interests with the state. What is in their interests is to remove the state from their lives and activities. At all.

In my child years, I thought it was obvious.