Posted 17 августа 2022,, 08:51

Published 17 августа 2022,, 08:51

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Question of the Day: Will paid abortions help increase the birth rate and reduce crime?

Question of the Day: Will paid abortions help increase the birth rate and reduce crime?

17 августа 2022, 08:51
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The initiative of the State Duma deputies to withdraw the right to free abortions from Russian women can have the most sad consequences

The topic of the ban on abortion is again becoming more and more relevant. Following Poland, which adopted the relevant law, and America, in some states of which serious restrictions on abortions have been introduced, the Russian state has taken a close interest in this topic. Anthropologist Alexandra Arkhipova drew attention to the fact that the State Duma is preparing to remove abortion from free medicine, that is, under an insurance policy. What will be the consequences of such a step? she asked. It turned out that the most serious. This means, Arkhipova is sure, that neither the poor nor young women will have access to abortion.

Yes, the logic of the state is more than understandable here: the catastrophic drop in the birth rate in the country over the years (it is declining not only for purely economic reasons, but also because educated women, like in the West, prefer to give birth little and late) is forcing the Russian authorities look for a way out. And then: who will pay taxes?

born criminals

Arkhipova recalls that such a decision by legislators threatens with the most severe social consequences and, as an example, cites the famous work of American economists John Donoghue and Steven Levitt " The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime " (English: "The Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime" ) published in 2001. Then the authors of the article, by the way, were almost lynched for the conclusions they drew from their study. Namely, the abortion ban turned out to be directly related to the growth of juvenile delinquency 15-18 years after its adoption.

In order to prove this, scientists studied the statistics of the rise and fall of crime over 30 years in many US states that either banned or allowed abortions. It turned out that the lifting of the ban cuts crime by half! It's simple: when the social conditions of life are so difficult that there is nothing to feed the child, women often choose an abortion, and if they still give birth against their will, then it is very likely that their children will end up on the street or in orphanages, and when grow up and become criminals.

Russia is waiting for the same thing in about 15 years, if it will not be possible to do a free abortion in it.

A ban on abortion will not only not increase the birth rate, it will even reduce it!

Commentators agreed with the author, adding their weighty arguments. In particular, they recalled that there is nothing good in restricting abortions, and because even the notorious birth rate is not growing at the same time! For example, in Poland, after the ban on abortion was introduced in 1993 and strengthened in 2016, the birth rate has been declining and declining: in just 10 years it fell by 29%!

Other arguments were also made:

- Bans on abortion from men - it's like rock against drugs. The same absurdity. My body is a bitch my business. Men will have a voice in this matter when they learn how to give birth. Well, or at least support their children from birth to adulthood;

- Well, they will give birth and throw away as usual. Stoke. Bury alive. Swimming, we know;

- First ban sex education in schools, and now free abortions. Well done;

- Thus we will notice, that in the winter the thought still was going to forbid to advertize dairy mixes and to sell them without prescription. So some women will not only have to raise unwanted children, but there will also be nothing to feed them;

- A relationship with a man is a natural need. It doesn't have to end in pregnancy. We need affordable contraceptives, education, not prohibitions and lessons of false morality. There is nothing wrong with sex, just like food or sports. Any abuse is harmful;

- Pregnancy is a woman's responsibility. If I do not want damage to my health, I will try to prevent it. Despite the feminist views, I do not believe that this is a mutual responsibility. For the same reason, I do not consider it important to inform a man about the fate of the fetus, unless, of course, it was a purposeful conception by mutual agreement;

- Of the most immediate consequences, of course, there is also a high mortality rate among women due to an increase in the number of clandestine and "home" abortions. But this is of little concern at the top, of course;

- The ban on abortion for a number of generations contributes to the consolidation of dynastic dysfunctions in poor areas - early childbearing from generation to generation, alcoholization of young mothers who are not yet ready to be mothers, children on grandmothers who themselves have gone through this ... And so on;

- Well, Russia wants more criminals and outcasts, doesn't it? They are easier to turn into cannon fodder. They are poorly educated and unsecured, it is easier to turn into slaves of the TV. We need more of these, more and more!