Posted 17 августа 2022,, 08:53

Published 17 августа 2022,, 08:53

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Terrible revenge: how a Moroccan prostitute betrayed her Egyptian rival

Terrible revenge: how a Moroccan prostitute betrayed her Egyptian rival

17 августа 2022, 08:53
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The usual quarrel between two women of easy virtue turned into a scandal in the Egyptian media

Pavel Gulkin

Egyptian media have published photos of a woman from Kafr El Sheikh, who has participated in the filming of 73 pornographic videos in which she starred as a porn actress. This case caused a wide resonance in Egypt. The prosecutor's office is investigating the facts of indecent behavior of a woman.

She loved acting and posed as her husband's faithful wife in photographs, but she looked very different in the sex commercials, according to the Egyptian newspaper al-Watan. The prosecutor's office continues to investigate the incident. To conduct an examination, a special “technical committee” was even created, which should give an expert opinion on whether a woman named Samar was really filmed in the presented video of a “sexual nature”, or not?

The husband testified in police reports and during the prosecutor's investigation that he also received audio recordings of his wife's voice in which she confesses that she had an illicit relationship with a young man who appeared with her in pornographic videos while she was working abroad.

He said that at the end of the last month of Ramadan and after she went on vacation, he received a message on his phone from an external number, from the country in which she worked, a recording of telephone conversations between her and a certain person in whom they met phrases of a sexual nature, as well as 73 pornographic videos in which his wife appears with the same person. He also collected 135 voice calls and 49 conversation records proving that his wife had illicit relationships with several men.

It turned out that a certain Moroccan living in the UAE was behind sending these clips to her husband, who did it because of disagreements between her and the Egyptian. In one of the recorded telephone conversations, this Moroccan woman said: “I know where you live, and first we will share it in your Kafr al-Sheikh, and - I swear by Almighty God - I will expose you, I have many candid photos of her. …

The investigation found that the accused woman worked in bars and often secluded herself with her male patrons in order to engage in prostitution for money. In one of the videos and a recorded telephone conversation, her lover accused her of stealing 300,000 dirhams, but the Egyptian, trying to justify herself, claimed: “There was only 20,000 dirhams, it was the Moroccan who took the rest of the money.”