Posted 17 августа 2022,, 08:47

Published 17 августа 2022,, 08:47

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The authorities will spend 57.7 million rubles on the illegal content search system

The authorities will spend 57.7 million rubles on the illegal content search system

17 августа 2022, 08:47
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Execution RDS will receive 57.7 million rubles from the Main Radio Frequency Center (a structure of Roskomnadzor) to develop the Oculus search system for prohibited information.

According to Kommersant, the system should be ready by December 12. But experts believe that it is impossible to meet such a deadline.

According to the technical documentation, Oculus will be able to analyze images and videos, chats and materials of messenger channels, URLs, and other data in real time for illegal content. It is assumed that the system will find such content both in text form and in "scenes, combinations of objects, compositions of images, faces, statics and movement dynamics." The Contractor must create a system and provide the GRFC with data sets that will allow the identification of prohibited information.

The annexes to the technical documentation contain a list of materials that the system will search for: materials with signs of extremism and terrorism, calls for mass illegal events, expression of clear disrespect for society, the state and official symbols of Russia, information about the methods of committing suicide and methods of manufacturing drugs, propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations and demonstration of the use of tobacco products.

Moreover, IT industry experts believe that it is impossible to implement such a system within the specified time frame. Smart Engines CEO Vladimir Arlazarov explained that "at the current level of IT development" the stated tasks can be solved with a quality of about 90%, that is, with 10% of errors. So, just collecting representative training data sets can take much longer than the documentation specifies. Modern artificial intelligence models that classify human behavior in a video sequence are trained on data of a million videos.

As follows from the SPARK-Interfax data, the company was established in 2014, its authorized capital is 10 thousand rubles. According to the results of the past year, it received 229 million rubles in revenue, and the net profit of Execution RDS was at the level of 23 million rubles. The organization is headed by Anastasia Yurikova, 95% belongs to Artem Ponomorev, and 5% belongs to Sergey Brailko.

Earlier it was reported that the "Main Radio Frequency Center" announced a competition for the creation of an automated system "Oculus", whose task is to search for prohibited content on the network. Over the past year, the oversight agency, with the assistance of resource owners, blocked more than 27 thousand materials with child pornography, about 72 thousand pages of drug propaganda and 33.4 thousand texts about suicides.

At the request of the RKN, the owners are required to remove questionable content no later than 24 hours after receiving the notification from the agency. Otherwise, the legal entity may be fined for the first time in the amount of 800 thousand to 8 million rubles. If the violation repeats, turnover fines are possible, up to 20% of the company's annual revenue in Russia.