Posted 19 августа 2022,, 13:19

Published 19 августа 2022,, 13:19

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20 mummified bodies found in 'ritual sanctuary' in Nigeria

20 mummified bodies found in 'ritual sanctuary' in Nigeria

19 августа 2022, 13:19
Among them are two children.

In the city of Benin City in southern Nigeria, police found 20 mummified corpses: 15 male, 3 female and 2 children, according to The Washington Post. The police raid on a building near the city was based on intelligence that there was supposedly a "ritual sanctuary" there.

In the past, Nigerian police have found similar shrines set up for rituals using kidnapped people. However, the number of victims makes the latest find one of the most shocking. Even more surprising is that there were many people living nearby who were unaware of what was happening next to them.

How long the mummified bodies lay in the building is not yet clear. The police detained three suspects, young men.