Posted 19 августа 2022,, 09:25

Published 19 августа 2022,, 09:25

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Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov headed the Black Sea Fleet

Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov headed the Black Sea Fleet

19 августа 2022, 09:25
Фото: ТАСС
The head of the Naval Academy, Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov (pictured), announced during a meeting with young officers that he had now been appointed acting commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

According to TASS, the order of the Minister of Defense on the appointment is dated August 10.

On August 17, there were reports in the media that the head of the academy would replace Admiral Igor Osipov in this post.

"The order was the commander-in-chief about his appointment. The members of the military council were presented. There was no public event, and, probably, there will not be one due to the yellow level of terrorist danger introduced in the city", - RIA Novosti quotes the words of its source in the fleet.

Another interlocutor of the agency explained that in the conditions of a special operation, no one is obliged to publicly report on such appointments - this is normal.

Sokolov stressed that the fleet is successfully fulfilling all the tasks assigned to it as part of a special military operation in Ukraine. He specified that this year the Black Sea Fleet will have at its disposal 12 ships and vessels, more than 20 units of land and aircraft equipment.

It's worth reminding that Sokolov has headed the academy since 2020. After graduating from a military school in 1985, he served in various fleets, in 2013-2020 he was the castle committee of the Northern Fleet.