Posted 22 августа 2022,, 14:41

Published 22 августа 2022,, 14:41

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

FSB accuses Ukrainian special services of Daria Dugina's murder

FSB accuses Ukrainian special services of Daria Dugina's murder

22 августа 2022, 14:41
On August 22, the Federal Security Service announced the discovery of the murder of 29-year-old Darya Dugin, daughter of philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin. The service named the perpetrators: the special services of Ukraine. The names of the perpetrators of the murder were also announced.

"The FSB of the Russian Federation, as a result of a complex of urgent operational-search measures, solved the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dugina, born in 1992. the crime was prepared and committed by the Ukrainian special services", - the FSB CSO said.

The service also named the names of the perpetrator of the crime.

"The contractor is a citizen of Ukraine Vovk Natalya Pavlovna, born in 1979, who arrived in Russia on July 23, 2022, together with her daughter Shaban Sofia Mikhailovna, born in 2010", - the FSB added.

Both fled through the Pskov region to Estonia. In order to keep track of Daria, they specifically rented an apartment in Moscow in the same house where the deceased lived. Observation was carried out from a Mini Cooper car, when entering the Russian Federation they used DPR numbers - E982XH DPR, in the capital - Kazakh numbers - 172AJD02, when leaving - Ukrainian - AH7771IP.

“On the day of the murder, Vovk and Shaban were at the Tradition literary and musical festival, where Dugina was present as an honored guest”, - the FSB added.

At present, the materials of the investigation have been transferred to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Earlier it was reported that a criminal case had been opened for murder in a generally dangerous way on the fact of blowing up a car driven by Daria Dugina. The head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin instructed to transfer the case for further investigation to the production of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Recall that on August 20, Alexander Dugin and his daughter were at the Tradition festival. The philosopher planned to go with Daria after the end of the event, but was delayed. The explosion thundered 10 km from the festival site. Daria Dugina, who was driving the car, died on the spot.