Posted 23 августа 2022,, 09:43

Published 23 августа 2022,, 09:43

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Monkeypox found in all 50 US states

Monkeypox found in all 50 US states

23 августа 2022, 09:43
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Monkeypox cases have been reported in all 50 US states. Wyoming lasted the longest, with its first case confirmed on Monday. In total, more than 14 thousand infected people were detected in the country.

“Because monkeypox is spread through close contact, we do not believe that the risk of exposure to the virus is currently of great concern to the local community or to most people in Wyoming,” said Wyoming state health officer and epidemiologist Dr. Alexia Harris , quoted by TV channel ABC News .

She noted that the disease is not transmitted as easily as other viruses like COVID-19 or the flu.

At the moment, the most confirmed cases of infection have been identified in New York, where monkeypox has been confirmed in 2,700 patients. Followed by California, Florida, Texas and Georgia.