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Published 23 августа 2022, 15:47

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Question of the Day: will Roskomnadzor ban Homer, Petronius and Thomas Mann?

23 августа 2022, 15:47
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The so-called "request" of the oversight agency to the Book Union to stop the distribution of books with LGBT propaganda can have the most dire consequences.

Another strong initiative of Roskomnadzor has put the Russian public in a dead end. It's worth reminding that this department appealed to the Russian Book Union with a request to exclude the distribution of books with LGBT-propaganda.

All books containing "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" should be completely removed from circulation in the book industry. Roskomnadzor instructed the Russian Book Union to consider the mechanism for their immediate exclusion from sale.

As emphasized in the RKN, the spread of propaganda of deviant relations in any form does not correspond to the traditional values of Russian society and poses a danger not only to minors, but to the whole society. Currently, distribution of LGBT propaganda among minors is prohibited in Russia, however, materials about LGBT people in general marked 18+ (including books) are still available.

Earlier, a bill was submitted to the State Duma, which provides for fines of up to 500 thousand rubles for citizens and up to 10 million for legal entities for promoting any "non-traditional sexual relations". According to the proposed amendments, responsibility should come for LGBT-propaganda among people of any age, and not only among children, as it is now.

Not only will this, to put it mildly, stupidity, as the history of worldwide bans show, will have the opposite effect, only multiplying violence in Russian society, this “request” also practically “closes” world literature for Russians, starting with ancient literature.

And they are not dreaming of the roar of the cosmodrome!..

Literature teacher Mikhail Pavlovets recalls on this occasion:

“Perhaps, it is worth telling the Roskomnadzateli that in fiction very often what cannot be depicted as a “real” event is depicted in the dreams of heroes.

So, the pedophilic act of the hero of Dostoevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment" Svidrigailov with a 5-year-old girl, as well as the homosexual act of Pierre Bezukhov with his freemason teacher Bazdeev on a double bed, occur precisely in the dreams of these heroes.

I hope that in the fight against the dreams of the heroes of Russian classics from the school curriculum, officials from moral supervision will finally find themselves: a lot of interesting and exciting imagination awaits them there ... "


Other bloggers complete the picture:

- There are also scenes in the story "Childhood" by Tolstoy, when Ivina comes to visit Nikolenka Irteniev. There, the boy's feelings towards Seryozha are very excitingly described ...

- We generally keep quiet about Stavrogin, right? And what about the "Quiet Don"? What about Doctor Zhivago?

Let's throw Homer and Plutarch off the ship of modernity!

But this is not so bad, since the Russian classics in such a bizarre way bypassed the unspoken and overt Christian prohibitions, but in pre-Christian times, when there were no prohibitions, they wrote simply and frankly about the homosexuality of the heroes. All ancient literature literally screams about it! As one blogger writes:

“Ancient literature is completely banned. The Iliad is still in question, at least nothing is said directly about Achilles and Patroclus, only hints, Petronius - there’s nothing to say, but even Plutarch in his heroic biographies has so many references to loose relationships that, of course, access to it should only be from priests and academicians by special permission. Students, as people who are still young and morally unsettled, should definitely not be allowed near him ... "

Recall that in the Soviet liberal arts universities there were severe censorship rules in this regard. For example, the Bible in the library could be obtained only if you are a 3rd year student of the philosophical or philological faculties. The same is true of books that contained teachings "alien" to the Soviet authorities. However, even then it did not come to censorship of ancient literature. Apparently, Roskomnadzor wants to surpass even the USSR.

But we are left with the most correct kind of love - love for our native party

Philologist Nikolai Podosokorsky writes:

“Regarding the resolution of Roskomnadzor on the withdrawal from sale of all books that touch on the topics of “non-traditional sexual relations”, I recalled an old Soviet joke. In general, Soviet jokes are now becoming more topical (you can only replace the names of leaders in them).

“A lecturer comes to the village, the topic of his speech is written on the poster in large letters:“ A Practical Guide to Love with a Detailed Slide Show. trees, looking out the windows.

The lecturer comes out in a beard and glasses, begins a lecture. Everyone is fidgeting in anticipation of the slides.

Lecturer: There is ordinary love - between a man and a woman ...

Hall shouts: Slides! Slides!

Lecturer: Take your time, comrades! There is also blue love - between a man and a man ...

Hall in impatience: Slides! Slides!

Lecturer: Wait, there is still pink love - between a woman and a woman ...

Hall, sataneya: Slides! Slides!

Lecturer: One second! And there is still the highest form of love - this is love for the party. Garik, now let's slide!

Bloggers offer the department to creatively develop their dashing initiative:

- Yes, it is necessary to ban the citizens of Russia from watching erotic dreams!

- And pussy to David in the Pushkin Museum im. It is high time to beat Pushkin with a hammer (well, or close it with cowards).