Posted 24 августа 2022,, 10:56

Published 24 августа 2022,, 10:56

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations complained about the lack of equipment to extinguish fires

The Ministry of Emergency Situations complained about the lack of equipment to extinguish fires

24 августа 2022, 10:56
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The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation, Alexander Kurenkov, said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that there are not enough all-terrain vehicles to extinguish fires in the Ryazan region.

- The use of tracked off-road vehicles shows its high efficiency in fighting forest fires. Unfortunately, we often note its lack in the field, which reduces the ability of ground groups to localize fires in a timely manner, the head of the department said.

He added that heavy engineering equipment from the rescue centers of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was transferred to the Ryazan region, with the help of which more than 25 km of mineralized strips were laid.

Recall that earlier the first deputy head of the department, Alexander Chupriyan, said that the Ministry of Emergency Situations experienced a shortage of domestic equipment, components and raw materials for the manufacture of personal protective equipment for firefighters and rescuers. He also noted that anti-Russian sanctions have raised the question of a new approach to import substitution, which is capable of producing finished products, regardless of unfriendly countries.

As for today's meeting, Russian Nature Minister Alexander Kozlov said that what is happening in the Central Federal District is connected not only with dry thunderstorms, but also with arson in the Ryazan region. In the region, the fire has already occupied 11.7 thousand hectares - fires increased by 24% per day. To protect people, the authorities evacuated the residents of the village of Olgino and the village of Golovanovo. Last week, smoke from the Ryazan fires reached Moscow : in a number of districts of the city, the smell of burning is still felt and smog hangs. Rosleskhoz employees accused Ryazan officials of concealing the scale of the fires.

To date, forest fires are active in 18 Russian regions.