Posted 24 августа 2022, 10:43

Published 24 августа 2022, 10:43

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The Pope expressed his condolences in connection with the death of Daria Dugina

24 августа 2022, 10:43
Pope Francis offered condolences on the death of the daughter of the philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin, 29-year-old journalist Daria Dugin, calling her an innocent victim.

"I think about the poor girl who was blown up by a bomb planted under a car seat in Moscow. The innocent pay for the war", - TASS quotes the words of the pontiff.

He expressed hope for an early cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. He also expressed concern about the "threat of a nuclear catastrophe in Zaporozhye".

Recall that on August 20, Daria Dugina was returning from the Tradition festival when her car exploded. The UK announced the contract nature of the murder. The FSB announced the disclosure of the crime, naming the organizers: the Ukrainian special services.

The Ukrainian woman Natalya Vovk performed the crime. She arrived in Russia on July 23 with her 12-year-old daughter and settled in the same house as Daria Dugina to spy on her victim. After the crime, both immediately fled to Estonia. Official Kyiv immediately declared that Ukraine had nothing to do with the murder.

On August 22, journalist, military commander, philosopher Daria Dugina was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.