Posted 25 августа 2022, 05:48

Published 25 августа 2022, 05:48

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In the north of Moscow, seven people were injured in a mass brawl with shooting

25 августа 2022, 05:48
In the Khoroshevsky district of the capital on 2nd Magistralnaya Street, seven people were injured during a mass brawl with shooting, more than ten people were detained.
Moscow region

As TASS writes , referring to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city, the incident happened the day before at about 21:30. Several people came into conflict, after a verbal skirmish they turned to assault. Then fire was opened.

Probably the cause of the fight was a domestic conflict.

Seven victims were hospitalized. The details and all the circumstances of the incident are currently being investigated. Police are also looking for others involved in the incident.

Last month, we recall, in the center of Moscow there was a mass brawl between employees of two security companies. The incident occurred at the Rasputin restaurant, located on Zubovsky Boulevard.