Posted 25 августа 2022,, 05:49

Published 25 августа 2022,, 05:49

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Sales of potassium iodide and radiation meters have skyrocketed since March 2022

Sales of potassium iodide and radiation meters have skyrocketed since March 2022

25 августа 2022, 05:49
On the Ozon and Wildberries marketplaces, sales of potassium iodide and preparations containing it increased by 103% in April compared to March this year, by 40% in May compared to April, and by 42% in July compared to June.

Forbes writes about this, citing the findings of Moneyplace. The list of top-selling products on Ozon and Wildberries included Biacon brand Iodine + Selenium tablets, Consumed brand potassium iodide tablets, Maxler Liquid Iodine capsules, and GLS brand organic iodine capsules.

Thus, sales of potassium iodide and preparations with it did not grow during all months, starting from March of this year. So, according to Moneyplace data, in June the turnover fell by 38% compared to May, and for the period of August 1-22 - by 28% in July. The decline in sales in August is due to the growth in July.

Recall that potassium iodide is recommended to be taken by people who are in the zone of radiation damage to neutralize the radioactive isotope iodine-131.

In addition, from August 1 to August 22, cumulative sales of radiation dosimeters at Ozon and Wildberries increased by 161% compared to July. splash August specifically on Wildberries was 3.6 times. The volume of sales of devices for measuring radiation on this marketplace until June 2022 was minimal. The main sales of such devices were provided by dosimeters of SOEKS, Radiascan and Radex brands.

By the way, in March of this year, the "iodine boom" began in the United States - Americans rushed to buy potassium iodide tablets. Moreover, the drug immediately went up in price - its cost increased from $14 to $149 on eBay. According to surveys, US citizens feared a nuclear war amid the start of a Russian special operation in Ukraine and purchased the drug to neutralize the effects of radiation poisoning.

Earlier it became known that before the start of the new academic year in Russia, sales of electronics increased sharply. According to the Wildberries marketplace, sales of laptops increased almost 3.5 times over the month, smartphones - 2.3 times, tablets - almost doubled.