Posted 25 августа 2022,, 11:44

Published 25 августа 2022,, 11:44

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SOS did not help: a Russian yacht, on which there is no water and food, is not allowed into the ports of Europe

SOS did not help: a Russian yacht, on which there is no water and food, is not allowed into the ports of Europe

25 августа 2022, 11:44
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The crew of a yacht sailing under the Russian flag is forced to send distress signals on social networks

Ivan Zubov

Anti-Russian sentiment in Europe is becoming more and more radical. Another example of this is a post that appeared in one of the popular emigration publics:

"Hello! Seeking help living in Denmark and Germany on the coast. My husband joined in helping a friend to ferry a yacht (under the Russian flag) from France to Kaliningrad. Now they are going along Germany. Despite the fact that there is a European residence permit, they are not allowed into marinas to refuel with water, fuel, and provisions. They wanted to pass through the Kiel Canal, but they didn't let the boat (the police boats), they would have to go around. I am looking for someone who has the opportunity to go to sea on the coast of Denmark and Germany and deliver them at least partially what they need, for a fee ... "

The situation, apparently, is really very alarming - to be left on the high seas without fuel, water and provisions. At least a thousand members of the public hurried with advice. Including, and with very exotic:

- My friends changed the flag - they also didn’t let me go anywhere, and in the region of Albania they even tried to take away the yacht! More precisely, they changed the registration through registration in another state, but the owner had a second citizenship, so this turned out to be feasible in his case. Good luck with your search and trek

- Get up at the entrance to the marina and signal "may day" on channel 16. The lack of food, water and fuel is considered a threat to life, which is the basis for an alarm. They have no right to refuse.

- Re-register the yacht online (within 24 hours). Panama as an option.

- Do you have a yacht under sanctions? As if many had long been worried and changed flags, who goes under the Russian flag? Write to sailing clubs (English: yacht clubs) in separate ones in Germany. Write that you have nothing to do with the war, you just love sailing and so on. Well, if you have a superyacht and it is under sanctions, then I think they are unlikely to help ...

- If you have a small yacht, then take an inflatable boat and let one person swim to the shore, talk on the spot and offer a reward. In public, you are unlikely to find anyone. Or, if you really need to, send SOS . They will not leave you at sea and so you will get fuel. They are obliged to help. True, in some countries, for an incorrectly filed distress signal, they can be forced to pay for the refueling of a patrol vessel and the services of a team ...

- With a pirate flag, now they will quickly give gas, so the tricolor is overboard, and long live the Jolly Roger !

Not surprisingly, however, at least half of the responses to this post were malevolent. Here, for example, are:

You are on the right path, comrades! Continue in the same spirit. The yacht is one hundred percent under sanctions, since it is going to be moved from France to Kaliningrad. We must inform the coast police to check the documents ...

- Well, if you run out of fuel, you can use the oars!