Posted 25 августа 2022,, 11:57

Published 25 августа 2022,, 11:57

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Yuri Shevchuk challenged the fine for discrediting the military at the concert

Yuri Shevchuk challenged the fine for discrediting the military at the concert

25 августа 2022, 11:57
The defense challenged the fine against the leader of the DDT group, Yuri Shevchuk, for discrediting the Russian military.

This was reported Interfax is the musician's lawyer.

"Yes, they just appealed against the decision," the lawyer confirmed.

The complaint was filed with the Supreme Court of Bashkiria. The defense side asks to cancel the decision of the lower court and dismiss the case against the musician.

Recall that on the eve of the Sovetsky District Court of Ufa, the leader of the group was found guilty of publicly discrediting the Russian military and imposed a fine of 50,000 rubles.

The protocol for the musician was drawn up during his concert in Ufa on May 18. Yuri Shevchuk shared with the audience his opinion about what he considers his homeland. Initially, the case was referred to the court of St. Petersburg. The court returned the protocol to the police, since it did not describe the elements of the offense, and also did not indicate what exactly the discrediting of the Russian military was expressed in.

In early July, a new protocol was drawn up for the musician. The case was sent to the court of St. Petersburg, but the court returned it for consideration to the Ufa court. At the first meeting, the defense asked to redirect the case to the court at the place of residence of the musician in St. Petersburg, but this request was denied. On August 16, the musician was fined 50 thousand rubles in this case.