Posted 26 августа 2022,, 15:47

Published 26 августа 2022,, 15:47

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No equality, no justice! Russian youth are dissatisfied with their lives

26 августа 2022, 15:47
Sociologists drew attention to the glaring paradoxes in the public consciousness of Russian citizens

For Russian youth, an indicative fact is their dissatisfaction with the fairness of Russian realities. The BRIEF channel provides sociological data that confirms this thesis.

It's very good that while we feel bad

It turns out that almost two-thirds of young Russians aged 18–35 consider the arrangement of life in Russia to be unfair (65.9%, including 18.4% believe that it is definitely unfair). “This share is only slightly lower than among adult Russians (69.8%). Disappointment in the structure of Russian society in this regard grows with age, ”the sociologists conclude. Paradoxically, in standard opinion polls on the state of affairs, to the question “is the country moving in the right or wrong direction”, more than half of the young people and the older generation answer that “in the right direction”. Moreover, according to the latest polls, the proportion of those who believe that the country is moving in the right direction has exceeded 68%.

Equality and justice at any cost

So far, sociologists have not explained how to combine such answers with the dominant ideas about the injustice of life in the Russian Federation, but network experts have found an answer to this question. For example, the historian and sociologist Kamil Galeev draws attention to a bizarre psychological feature of the domestic inhabitant, calling it crab mentality (eng: crab mentality).

In modern Russia, she, in his opinion, has taken completely grotesque forms:

“I do not know, perhaps, of any other people in these latitudes, whose behavior to the same extent resembles the behavior of crabs in a bucket. It has long been noted that a Russian who wants to get out of a common ass runs the risk of incurring extreme enmity. And the enmity, of course, is not between the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, but primarily other Russians. Many Europeans who dealt with Russians in real life were surprised by this phenomenon. They say the Turks / Poles / Vietnamese by default promote any other Poles and Vietnamese. But the Russians, rather, on the contrary. And meanwhile, where does this crab consciousness come from? I will take the liberty of asserting that it is one of the two fundamental imperatives of the Russian consciousness. It is about the pursuit of Equality and Justice. A crab trying to get out of a bucket violates both of these principles. Therefore, the rest will try to drag him back. Equality and justice are two whales on which the hopeless ass of Russian life rests ... "

Eternal Russian leveling

Journalist Pavel Pryanikov , agreeing in principle with Galeev, adds:

“If only I would put these two concepts - equality and justice - into one: equalization. Let me turn to the work of scientists from the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences on small towns. Sociologists in them fix just the biggest demand for this leveling. This can be seen from the diagram.

“Self-assessment of the level of material well-being and one's position in society is closely related to the ideas of justice that are widespread in modern Russian society. The study showed that the vast majority of residents of small towns consider modern Russian society as a whole to be unfair. This point of view is shared by 66.3% of survey participants,” they write.

I think this all comes from the relapse of the peasant community with its land leveling and mutual responsibility (and then from the collective farm system).

But at the same time, such installations are still gradually disappearing. The same work of the IS RAS shows that only 20% of young people want to stay in the outback. Most want to go to the metropolis for "success".

All sorts of talents are needed!

“But one of the commentators under the nickname TAU believes that everyone is already equal to each other, but differ only in the scope of their abilities. Therefore, talk about injustice has no basis:

“Children should go to higher educational institutions only according to the results of the knowledge of this child. As it was in the USSR. Of course, even then there were those who fell for the pull, but these were only a few (that is, a few stupid ones), and now there is a sea of them. With paid education, there will soon be no doctors or professors, only morons. Not everyone needs a higher education. Perhaps a person has excellent abilities to sew comfortable and beautiful shoes, he needs a vocational school. Someone excellently cooks delicious food and creates masterpieces in the field of cooking. And so on ... Any working profession requires a talent given to a person at birth. Why should a young man ruin this talent with professions that are not his abilities, and even higher education. Such children do not even go to many lectures in institutes and universities.

I think that 9 classes of education are enough for many children, and then it is better for them to continue their education in vocational schools and technical schools according to their talents. Since many children in grades 10 and 11 drive a bullshit, they are lazy instead of learning professional skills. This is how we raise a lazy, stupid generation.

In my opinion, it is necessary to raise the prestige of working professions. There should be labor specialists. Universities are needed, but only for people who not only have talent at birth, but also the ability to further study for the knowledge that it will give people. Even a craftsman after a college, technical school can continue his education at a university in his specialty, if he needs it ... "