Posted 26 августа 2022, 09:47

Published 26 августа 2022, 09:47

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The governor of St. Petersburg spoke about the scandalous renovation. More questions arose

26 августа 2022, 09:47
The head of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, said that the law had only been submitted for consideration and was being discussed, although the deputies adopted the document back in June.

In the northern capital, they are discussing the speech of the governor Alexander Beglov, who on the air of TV channel 78 said that the resonant law on renovation is still at the stage of discussion. Although the document has been valid for more than a month.

“The law has only been proposed for consideration, it has not yet been adopted, it is only being discussed”, - Beglov said.

The law "On amendments to some laws of St. Petersburg on issues of integrated development of territories in St. Petersburg" was introduced by the governor himself. On June 29 it was adopted by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, on June 30 it was signed by the governor.

Later, a transcript of Alexander Beglov's interview appeared on the website of the city government, where it was indicated that "by-laws" were being discussed.

“There is a lot of speculation around this issue, fakes , fables, outright lies. We operate in accordance with federal regulations and do not invent anything. The law makes it possible for Petersburgers who live in Khrushchevs, including many people on the waiting list, to improve their living conditions”, - said Alexander Beglov.

Recall that the topic of renovation of Khrushchev buildings in St. Petersburg caused a storm of protest, residents are not satisfied with the opportunity to get new housing on the outskirts of the city or a small compensation that cannot be used to buy decent housing, since the issues of compensation and exchange are at the mercy of developers. People began to massively unite in house chats in order to prepare for general meetings of owners and exclude their houses from the program; in parallel, amendments were made to the Legislative Assembly, securing the rights of Khrushchev residents.