Posted 26 августа 2022, 07:01

Published 26 августа 2022, 07:01

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Zelensky admitted that the coming winter will be the most difficult in the history of Ukraine

26 августа 2022, 07:01
In Europe and Ukraine, there is an energy crisis, which means that Ukrainians will have to go through the most difficult winter in the history of the republic, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his daily address.

- Of course, now the situation is very dangerous, acute. <...> The government of Ukraine, our state-owned companies are doing everything so that we are ready to go through this winter season, and it will indeed be the most difficult in our history," Zelensky said.

He recalled that in European countries, gas prices had already crossed the mark of $3,300 per cubic meter, and accused Moscow of this: allegedly, the reason for the increase in fuel prices was "Russian gas blackmail". But Zelensky believes that Europe will cope without Russian gas, and Russia will no longer be a player in the energy market of the continent.

“The anti-European policy will be strategically destructive for Russia itself,” the Ukrainian leader announced.

Meanwhile, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, has already called the upcoming winter season "exceptional." In his opinion, it is impossible to predict whether there will be enough gas for the European Union or not. Recall that Europe is already trying to reduce gas consumption by 15%, but not all countries in the region are ready for such savings. Some states saw an alternative in liquefied natural gas, but on the eve of the Bulgarian authorities stated : LNG is 50% more expensive than Russian fuel, which enters the country under a contract with Russian Gazprom.