Posted 29 августа 2022,, 14:01

Published 29 августа 2022,, 14:01

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With faith in life: Russians like the economic course of the government

With faith in life: Russians like the economic course of the government

29 августа 2022, 14:01
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Despite the fact that the standard of living in the country is not rising, its citizens believe in shining prospects in the very near future.

Surprising results are shown by the latest sociological surveys on the Russian economy: it turns out that Russians like everything that happens in it. So, according to the study " Inflation expectations and consumer sentiment ", published by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, it turns out:

- The "Consumer Sentiment Index" in August rose to 98.3 points (+0.6 points compared to July) - this is the maximum since May 2018.

- The "Current State Index" in August added 3 points "against July" and reached 79.7 points - the average level of the 2nd half of 2021 - early 2022.

- "Index of expectations" in August decreased (for the first time since April) and amounted to 110.7 points. But, despite the "penny" decline (0.9 points against July), the index values remain close to the maximum over the past 4 years.

Experts explain that the "Expectations Index" consists of an assessment of the prospects for personal financial situation for the year ahead and the prospects for changes in economic conditions in the country for a year and five years. It turns out that the "assessment of the country's prospects" has slightly decreased - but the "assessment of personal prospects" of people has not changed!

The optimism of Russians about the near future of the economy, and that "television is working, do not hesitate," is also demonstrated by the new VTsIOM poll .

The dominant position today is “the economic situation will not change in the next six months” (42%). At the same time, the opinions of the respondents about the nature of the changes were divided equally: 24% expect the economic situation to improve, 26% - deterioration.

The table shows the difference in ratings between those who “actively watch TV” (36% believe that “it will be better”) and those who “actively use the Internet” (43% believe that “it will be worse”) 49% of respondents, who have both TV and the Internet, believe that nothing will “change”.

Among those who have neither one nor the other, 42% are sure that the situation remains unchanged. But there are more optimists among them - 33%!

Even more than in the improvement of the economic situation, and in personal business success, people believe in the government.

According to VTsIOM data: 54% of Russian residents are convinced that the current Government “will be able to achieve improvements in the near future”, 20% said this with complete confidence (in 2012 there were 4% of such people).

In their release, sociologists are even surprised: in 2012, despite a more favorable situation, only 32% gave a positive answer.

(But the standard of living compared to 2012 in Russia, to put it mildly, has not increased.)

Only 27% do not expect the Government to improve the situation in the country.

14% consider the positive and negative scenarios to be equally probable, over 10 years there have been 2.7 times less of them (39% in 2012).

Thus, the uncertainty in this matter has been replaced by a commitment to a favorable scenario, VTsIOM concludes.

“It is noteworthy here that the maximum level of faith in the government is demonstrated by women, and the maximum level of doubt by men. Do they know something? Or vice versa?" - summarizes these data economist Dmitry Prokofiev .