Posted 30 августа 2022, 08:25

Published 30 августа 2022, 08:25

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Sanctions force developers to optimize their projects for Russian materials

30 августа 2022, 08:25
Фото: IKON Development
The more difficult access to building materials and engineering technologies of Western production, which Russian developers face today, will make adjustments, but will not be fatal for the market, experts from IKON Development are sure.

Market players have no doubts that developers will have to adapt to new conditions and adjust the concepts of their projects. Moreover, they are already working in the conditions of the “new reality” and are actively looking for adequate solutions that will allow them to remain in the market and keep the declared level of quality to the maximum.

“Of course, developers need to review their projects. Already now it was possible to replace up to 70% of the nomenclature. Unexpectedly for everyone, many positions were found on the Russian market - elevators, finishing materials. Equipment and electronics began to be purchased in Asian markets or in the CIS. The rest is being delivered as parallel imports,” says Anton Detushev , general director of the construction company.

Today, developers consider their tasks in the current situation in two planes: proposals that affect the marketing attractiveness of the object - a "smart home", an apartment with finishing, etc., and, as they say, fundamental solutions that ensure the quality of the construction itself - materials , equipment, engineering systems. In the first case, optimization and even the rejection of some "chips" will become annoying, but still not a critical moment, experts say. Not all housing, even in Moscow, was built with the inclusion of these options as mandatory.

“Another thing is the issues related to the engineering technologies of the house, the quality of which depends on the quality of life of its residents. For example, components for piping or pumps for water circulation in apartment buildings are not yet produced in Russia. Accordingly, there is nothing to replace them now. However, what creates difficulties opens the so-called “window of opportunity” - it helps us to take a fresh look at the problem, and hence at its solution,” Anton Detushev is convinced.

As experts note, these changes will become really noticeable mainly for new projects - those that are now in the "paper stage". It is their architects and designers who today have to focus on finding alternative materials and components from the most available and take into account what adjustments may still be needed before approving the project documentation.

In the same projects, the construction of which is already underway, no cardinal changes will occur. All major contracts for materials and equipment, as a rule, are concluded and secured at the design stage.