Posted 30 августа 2022,, 08:03

Published 30 августа 2022,, 08:03

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Security is impossible without freedom

30 августа 2022, 08:03
Андрей Починков
No order guarantees people a safe existence if they are deprived of their freedom.

Andrey Pochinkov, entrepreneur (Prague)

The idea of "exchanging freedom for security" is very ancient.

The word "freedom" comes from the root "one's own".

The word "sloboda" comes from the same root.

Sloboda is a settlement outside the city walls.

Every person (a free person) had a choice. He could settle inside the city, in cramped quarters where plots are small and expensive. And obey the rules dictated by the city council.

For this, the city authorities "guaranteed his safety." Protection of the strong stone walls of the city-fortress from the raids of various gangs.

Or he preferred to settle outside the city walls. Where there are more places and land is cheaper. But no one "guarantees security." And the bandits at any moment can plunder his house. And kill him himself if he does not hide behind the city walls in time.

Nevertheless, each city was overgrown with settlements from all sides. Something made people choose freedom and risk.


  1. Logics. "Security guarantees" within the city walls are an illusion. Many cities were taken by the aggressors, plundered and destroyed. They were not saved by strong walls, professional warriors-defenders and food supplies created by city councils for taxes collected from residents.
  2. Entrepreneurial spirit. Outside the city walls, it was possible to do everything that was forbidden inside the city. And with great profit to sell goods and services to the townspeople. The risk is high, but the reward is also high.

Residents of the city have always been suspicious of the inhabitants of the settlements. They were considered dangerous, prone to criminal behavior. All vices (alcohol, gambling, prostitution) were gradually forced out of the cities into the settlements.

City - order, ordnung, splendor, morality-morality-virtue. Sloboda - Chaos and Anarchy (TM). Debauchery, smuggling, poaching, etc.

The modern ideology of "globalism" is the ideology of a fortress city, surrounded on all sides by a "dangerous world" (see Zamyatin's novel "We"). The inhabitants of the "global city" are threatened by many dangers - climate change, international terrorism, the all-powerful drug mafia, rogue states rattling nuclear weapons...

Only a wise city council can provide city residents with protection from all these horrors. But the inhabitants must obey the Rules. Understand once and for all that freedom is not permissiveness. But quite the opposite. Freedom ends where the authorities indicate.

And like everything built by mortals, this "global city" has its limits. their fortress walls. Although its builders would like it to occupy the entire territory of the planet.

But this is impossible. Because freedom will definitely appear. Freedom is a choice. People who want to live in a settlement will never live inside city walls. This is worse than death for them.

And the inhabitants of the city will never be able to do without freedom. Where they can have a glass of moonshine, play poker, fall in love with an affordable beauty.

Sloboda will blow up the virtual walls of the "global city" like champignons blow up asphalt. The fortress on the foundation of the sand of lies and mist of illusions is doomed. She guarantees nothing to anyone. Because it can't.