Posted 31 августа 2022,, 13:07

Published 31 августа 2022,, 13:07

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Will this music last forever? China again closes cities for quarantine due to covid

31 августа 2022, 13:07
Tens of millions of residents of large industrial Chinese cities are forced to go into quarantine again

Major industrial cities and their areas are under lockdown due to new outbreaks of Covid-19 as the government continues its tough policy to contain the virus, reports The Guardian . This is despite the fact that Chinese analysts have urged the government to change its policy to combat coronavirus, as the current strategy could lead the economy to a dead end.

However, the authorities reasoned in their own way, and their decisions to introduce new lockdowns were influenced by data from the State Bureau of Statistics, based on which the Chinese economy is coping with severe anti-COVID restrictions, the newspaper writes. The manufacturing sector index stood at 49.4 in August, up from 49.0 in July, but still below the 50-point mark separating growth from contraction.

To date, lockdowns have been announced in the following cities of the country:

Guangzhou, a city of almost 19 million people, reported 5 infections on August 30, after which authorities ordered some areas to close entertainment venues and restaurants until September 3. According to state media reports, all kindergartens, elementary, middle and high schools in the district have been instructed to postpone the resumption of education and stop classes that have already begun. In addition, bus and metro traffic in the area has been reduced.

In the southwestern city of Chengdu, the Wuhou and Qingyang districts suspended many concert venues and tour groups on August 30, and plan to postpone the start of the fall semester for schools. In total, about 3.5 million people live in these areas.

Longhua, a district of Shenzhen with 2.5 million inhabitants, closed entertainment venues and wholesale markets on August 30, and suspended major events. Residents must present fresh PCR tests to enter residential complexes, and restaurants must limit the number of customers to 50% of their capacity. The new restrictions are expected to last until September 3. The day before, three other districts of Shenzhen, with a total population of 6 million people, announced similar measures.

In Dalian, a major port in northeast China, the main urban areas (population - about 3 million people) announced a lockdown on August 30, which will last until September 4. Families can only send one person a day to the store for essentials. During this time, some people must work from home, while manufacturing companies must reduce staff on site and support only essential and urgent operations.