Posted 1 сентября 2022,, 10:41

Published 1 сентября 2022,, 10:41

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"Yandex.Taxi" without rules: why drivers do not want to work there

1 сентября 2022, 10:41
Taxi drivers complain that their customers categorically refuse to comply with traffic rules, and therefore give the lowest marks to demanding drivers.

The most popular Moscow blogger and taxi driver Nikita Sadykov publicly said goodbye to his work at Yandex.Taxi. For several years, he published interesting stories on his blog about his work, about the service, about the police, about the roads, about the passengers, and for some time now he began to upload videos. Now, unfortunately, that has come to an end. Meanwhile, this unpleasant news once again proves how much needs to be changed in the minds of Russian citizens in order for compliance with the law to become the norm for them.

The reason for this step was the categorical unwillingness of the vast majority of Sadykov's passengers to fasten their seat belts in the back seat. No explanations, no persuasion, nothing helped. Clients were well aware that they were violating traffic rules, and in response to the driver’s demands, they answered: “It doesn’t matter, I will pay a fine!”. As a result, they had to be planted literally at the landing site. It is curious that such exactingness did not arise for Sadykov immediately, but after one, albeit minor, accident (he recorded it on video and also posted it on the blog), an unfastened passenger was injured (thank God, easily). And then the driver decided: enough! Alas, his persuasion did not last long - only for six months. Passengers began to complain, so Sadykov's rating fell to the minimum, which predetermined his dismissal. Here's how he described it on his blog:

“I'm done with the taxi.

Of course, it was possible to round off a long time ago. Second, I'm a little tired. Thirdly, I understood that if I start doing everything the way I see fit, a conflict of ideas about good and evil will inevitably arise.

It arose: I stopped carrying unfastened passengers, those in their absolute majority were very unhappy with my arbitrariness, the rating steadily crept down from ones, twos and threes, plus regular scandals and complaints from those whom I parachuted onto the same sidewalk, from where I took - the only question was what would come first, blocking by complaints or by rating.

Complaints won this competition (blocking by rating did not lag behind, at the same time, the number 4.80 froze on the scoreboard, that is, the minimum value at which I had access to the cap plus) and I received a lifetime block in the service.

An important caveat: the block, of course, is not for my demand to buckle up: here the service is absolutely in solidarity with the driver. The problems start further: for me, a failed passenger who refuses to get out of the car after canceling the order is no longer a client. And for the service - still a client.

Good for the student from whom the wife left,

Less pulling to choke

More time for sleep

- sang the students of Moscow State University in the sixties.

I have about the same feelings now, there is more time for sleep, I want to hang myself a little less.

I know in advance that I will miss taxiing terribly. Passed already once, I remember this breakdown. The work is really amazing, this is a fantastic adventure that lasted four years - perhaps the most interesting in my life.


I got into the application and in the results of the last week published today I saw a review from some passenger. You have no idea, my dears, how nice it is.”

Sadykov's readers were extremely upset by this turn of events:

- The sad thing is that we live in a place (I don't know in a geographical or metaphysical sense) where any struggle for something good ends for the wrestler invariably badly. Whatever it is.

- Yes, it was to some extent quixotic and fighting windmills. But it was honest and sincere. For that, respect.

- More proof that following the idiotic "customer is always right" market rule is destructive. If Yandex built an objective driver rating system, and not a one-sided client-oriented one, then the service would be safer. And now everything is stupidly reduced to please the passengers and their whims due to traffic violations

- And yet, customer orientation should have limits when it comes to safety, first of all, of the passenger himself. Or rather, to correspond to the term itself, and not that's all. We play here, we don’t play here, but here we wrap the fish. Thank you for the stories and efforts to change the world for the better.