Posted 2 сентября 2022,, 07:20

Published 2 сентября 2022,, 07:20

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Taiwan calls destruction of Chinese drone 'appropriate measure'

Taiwan calls destruction of Chinese drone 'appropriate measure'

2 сентября 2022, 07:20
Since the Chinese drone flying over the Taipei-controlled Kinmen Islands failed to respond to warnings, shooting it down is "an adequate measure," Taiwan's chief executive Su Zhengchang said.

- ... (Chinese Armed Forces - ed.) repeatedly ignored our warnings to leave the area, and we had no choice but to defend ourselves and shoot. This is the most adequate reaction after the manifestations of restraint and warnings, Reuters quoted Su Zhenchang as saying.

Recall that a Chinese drone was shot down in Taiwanese airspace near Shiyu Island on September 1. The island's authorities said that the device was illegal photography and did not fly out of the closed area after the warning shots. Before that, on August 30, the Taiwanese military first opened fire in the direction of the drone of the People's Liberation Army of China. At that time, the drone approached Erdan Island.