Posted 5 сентября 2022, 06:27

Published 5 сентября 2022, 06:27

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Rescuers flew to the area of the volcano where the tourists died in Kamchatka

5 сентября 2022, 06:27
The helicopter of the Kamchatka Territorial Center for Disaster Medicine flew to the area of the Klyuchevskoy volcano, where tourists died and were injured. September 4 Mi-8 failed to land at an altitude of 3.3 thousand meters.

Difficulties with landing were caused by wind gusts of 30 meters per second. Survivors are contacted via the guide's satellite phone.

It's worth reminding that due to a fall from a height during the ascent of the volcano, five people died at an altitude of 4150 m. Later, another tourist died. There were 12 people in the group in total. One of them has a broken leg. The search and rescue expedition attempted a landing to assist the survivors, but bad weather prevented the helicopter from landing.