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Published 5 сентября 2022,, 06:27

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The Accounts Chamber will oppose the extension of preferential mortgages for new buildings

The Accounts Chamber will oppose the extension of preferential mortgages for new buildings

5 сентября 2022, 06:27
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Preferential mortgages for housing in new buildings caused a serious gap in prices for apartments in such houses and in secondary housing, due to which new buildings became unaffordable for many who planned to take a mortgage, Natalya Trunova, auditor of the Accounts Chamber, said.

She said in an interview with Vedomosti that preferential mortgages form many distortions in the market, which means that it should not be put through from 2023.

Trunova noted that now many citizens are not able to buy new housing, having sold the old one and paying the difference through a mortgage. The reason - in a sharp gap in prices in the secondary and primary markets. Last year, the price per square meter in the primary market rose by 29.5%, and in the secondary market - by 18.7% .

The expert is sure that it is possible to improve the living conditions of citizens at the expense of other state programs, as well as by reviewing their possible participants. As for the optimal mortgage rate, the auditor of the Accounts Chamber believes that it is 7-8%.

In July, we recall, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian government to ensure a change in the conditions of preferential mortgages, making the rate no more than 7%. Earlier it was reported that in order to support industry during the period of sanctions, the authorities also want to introduce preferential industrial mortgages with a rate of no more than 5% per annum.

You can get a preferential mortgage for the purchase of housing in new buildings, for the construction of a private house on your own or for the purchase of a land plot. The maximum loan amount at a preferential rate in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions is 12 million rubles. For other regions - 6 million rubles. At the same time, a loan can be issued in the amount of up to 30 and up to 15 million, respectively. The government subsidizes 12 and 6 million rubles. The rest of the amount can be issued at the market rate. The program requires a down payment of at least 15%.