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Published 5 сентября 2022,, 09:14

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"The smell of sweat and alcohol." How did the siege of the administration of the village named after Sverdlov end

"The smell of sweat and alcohol." How did the siege of the administration of the village named after Sverdlov end

5 сентября 2022, 09:14
In the Leningrad region, the epic ended with the capture of the administration of the village named after Sverdlov. Almost a month acting. Andrey Shornikov, with the forceful support of the private security company, did not let anyone into the city hall building.

Over the weekend, the “militants” were forced out with the help of riot police. "Novye Izvestia" found out what is happening in the administration.

Alexander Dybin, St. Petersburg

As Dmitry Simonov, deputy of the council of the village named after Sverdlov, told Novye Izvestia, he now has the keys to the administration of the village. They were given to him by the guards who were leaving their posts late at night.

“Late in the evening, they said that they were removing the guards by the militants, they asked me to give them time to collect things, I agreed, and at night, when the last car of strong guys left, they handed me the key to the gate, at 2 am I went there”, - said Dmitry Simonov. “Inside, there is a persistent smell of sweat and alcohol, a lot of old food, garbage, mattresses, scattered things.”

The village administration building, surrounded by a fence, was an impregnable bastion for almost a month. Against the backdrop of a political crisis, Acting Andrey Shornikov, who was fired from his post by the deputies, said that their decision was not legal and refused to leave the building. More than a dozen strong guys appeared in the administration, who did not let anyone in except employees, including Yulia Reichert, appointed acting. heads instead of Shornikov. Any attempts to enter inside rested on a group of aggressive young people. Residents who needed something from officials communicated with specialists through the fence. The Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko, in response to numerous complaints on social networks, said that he could not interfere in the conflict and that everything should be decided in court. But the security forces decided otherwise. According to the publication 47news, on Friday, September 2, the Investigative Committee, with the support of OMON, opened Shornikov's apartment in St. Petersburg, and also entered the administration with a search. The reason was a criminal case on the fact of forgery of documents. Shornikov was not found either at home or at work. He himself told reporters that he was walking around the village, but did not get in touch again.

According to Dmitry Simonov, today Julia Reichert came to the administration to deal with the inheritance: look for documents and communicate with the team that worked during the siege.

“The Investigative Committee, with the support of OMON, was in the building from 9 am to 8 pm, searched every office”, - Simonov said, “now we will start an inventory, we will look for documents. After all, nothing was handed over to us, neither a seal, nor passwords to the server. In addition, this week we will hold a council of deputies and elect the head”ю

How it all started

Novye Izvestia has already reported on the situation in the village named after Sverdlov. This is a settlement on the banks of the Neva near St. Petersburg. It is believed that here is just a "golden" land due to its proximity to the Northern capital and the river. In addition, they plan to build a satellite city for 100,000 inhabitants here, Philip Kirkorov announced the project of his shopping mall. It is believed that it is because of the expensive land that the village is storming politically. For several years there has been a protracted conflict between deputies and the head. The problem was sent to solve Andrei Shornikov, who held scandalous elections, as a result of which United Russia candidates won. After that, Shornikov had to leave the post. head, as he was offered to head the city of Kirovsk. But there the deputies did not accept him, then the official returned to the village named after Sverdlov and a new political crisis broke out: the council of deputies split into two parts, which met separately and made decisions independently of each other. As a result, after the formal dismissal of Shornikov, he barricaded himself in the administration for a month. All this time, his electronic digital signature was revoked, and all movements of money through the Treasury were blocked, however, the administration managed to conclude contracts and carry out work. The winning group of deputies intends to protest every financial decision of Andrey Shornikov from the moment of his formal dismissal.