Posted 7 сентября 2022,, 15:24

Published 7 сентября 2022,, 15:24

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Don't let your soul be lazy! How singer Alyosha Paltsev tried to change Megafon's SIM-card

7 сентября 2022, 15:24
The epic of receiving by a popular singer and composer a SIM-card from the cellular company Megafon to replace the lost one has been going on for three months, and the final is still far away.

The famous Russian singer and composer Alyosha Paltsev wittily described his adventures caused by such a seemingly insignificant event as the loss of a SIM-card:

“So, I lost my sim-card,

Megafon sim-card.

I wouldn’t need it, but the Sberbank application has jumped off. Without a SIM-card, you can not restore. And I'm in Turkey.

I decided to send a power of attorney to Moscow to receive a SIM-card. The Russian version of the power of attorney was translated to me, the Turkish notary signed, assured my signature, confirmed that I was me.

I went and put an Apostille on the power of attorney.

A very beautiful word, this is such a seal with which notaries of any country must trust a document. In Turkey, the apostille, unlike many other countries, is free of charge. A power of attorney arrives in Moscow.

In the translation agency it is translated into Russian (back - we will help them with the Russian version, the original one was given)...

My Trusted One comes to MegaFon and they give him a SIM-card, but they don’t just give him - a month is needed for a CHECK. They check, which means that the SIM-card does not turn on in a month. They said that the SIM card is not of high quality. In vain, friends of friends brought her to Turkey...

My Trusted went for the second time, they gave him another SIM card, and they said that they forgot to send SIM card No. 1 for verification, that the quality (maybe) was normal for the SIM card, it means that you have to wait another month. Another month passes. We need to find out if the SIM card was turned on - and pay for the apartment and for the light.

Oh, the SIM did not pass the verification, there is not enough signature. And they don’t say which one, I even got myself a Megacabinet. I go into the office, I'm interested in the second SIM card. The system is very interesting there - first, the robot Yelena asks you leading questions - what do you want to know in general in this office. Never got rid of her the first time. Okay, Elena says, I'll connect you with a specialist.

Then, after about five minutes, a specialist appears, I, says, for example, Nikolay, should familiarize myself with your question, read the previous correspondence. Reads for five minutes. He says, for example, - your SIM is working, turn it on, well, I turn it on, - there is no network, let's go from another slot, or to another device, I turn it on - there is no network, while I turn it on, Nikolay turns off, I write, for example, - does not turn on.

But then Elena turns on and asks what I would like to know on the site? After several attempts, I manage to convince Elena to connect me with a specialist, after 5 minutes, for example, Zulfiya appears, (Oh, how!), I, she says, in order to answer your question, I must familiarize myself, reads for about five minutes, and asks, and the other Simka, for example, does it work in your device? I insert another SIM card into the device, yes, it works, I happily write.

But here the robot Elena is interested in what else I would like to know in my personal account, maybe tell you about your balance, no, contact a specialist, or maybe change your tariff plan? No, I received a SIM-card by proxy, contact a specialist!

Yes, well, you understand that then the Specialist appears ... By the way, Vladimir never showed up, apparently he does not work there. In general, it turns out that there are many different names in the world. Kharms. Oops - Ibrahim! No, not Kharms...

A few days later - the matter, of course, is fascinating, but you also need to sleep and have dinner. - NO SIGNATURE! - Where is not present? - IN DOCUMENTS!

This is the most talented of the employees found out, and WHAT SIGNATURE, even he could not find out. Where I say, write gratitude and to whom for such your work - yes, everyone writes here, they answer), here, right in this chat.

Well, Yelena, she doesn’t sleep - she says - you can get a SIM-card at ANY MOSCOW OFFICE OF MEGAFON. I say,...., thank you, but I'm in Turkey, and she - maybe a specialist? Oh, she suggested, progress... But it was only once.

And so, my trusted one went to the office for the third time, not to a simple one, but to the main one, he only asked for an address... Yelena immediately answered the question - where is the main one - immediately says, go to the nearest one, no, I say, you need the MAIN... And she - go to the nearest one. She has one option, I specifically asked 4 times .... Well, for example, Lyudmila says, HERE IS THE ADDRESS. My Trusted went to the MAIN OFFICE. Don't go there. Everything there is for commercial companies only. And there is only ONE SPECIALIST there, sitting and saying, there are no problems, your SIM card works, in, it calls me Trusted to Turkey - turn it on - no, it doesn’t work ... Well, let me give you another SIM card, it will work in half an hour, hope it means it infuses.

Not .... after half an hour it turned out that a CHECK IS ALSO needed for the third SIM card.

And the SOLE SPECIALIST found out that there was not enough SIGNATURE.

And calls the next client. And to whom is gratitude? Yes, there is a form at the reception, thank you as much as you like. Trusted went to another Megasalon, no longer the main one, but there MANAGED TO FIND OUT which signature is missing, guessed which one?


The legal department of Megafon is engaged in this. There is NO way to contact him.

Maybe the robot Yelena will tell you, so far only she has progress?

Or wait until the specialist Vladimir answers? And imagine how many all kinds of emotions I have been involved in for three months now, since I was not too lazy to write all this. Don't let your soul be lazy! Do not worry, many people will not allow your soul to be lazy. Their name is LEGION, as the unforgettable Mike Naumenko wrote.