Posted 12 сентября 2022, 11:45

Published 12 сентября 2022, 11:45

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In Moscow, a voter was fined 50 thousand rubles for the phrase "No to war" in the ballot

12 сентября 2022, 11:45
A resident of Moscow, who voted at a polling station at school No. 939, ruined his ballot by writing "No to war" on it and threw the sheet into a transparent ballot box. This was noticed by members of the election commission and police officers.

"He dropped this ballot into a transparent ballot box, which attracted the attention of an indefinite circle of people. Thus, the citizen made a public call to prevent the use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation", - quotes the telegram channel “Caution, Moscow”, the words of law enforcement officers.

The violator was detained, his mobile phone was confiscated and a protocol was drawn up to discredit the Russian army. By a court decision, he will have to pay a fine of 50 thousand rubles.

A similar offense was committed by a resident of Kirov. On September 11, at polling station No. 322, a citizen wrote the same phrase on the ballot, as well as insulting words addressed to the Russian president, writes Baza. Law enforcement officers began an investigation into the fact of a public call to prevent the use of the Russian Armed Forces and opened an administrative case on fakes about the Russian army.

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