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Published 12 сентября 2022,, 16:56

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Question of the Day: how will Russia solve the problem of ATM shortage?

Question of the Day: how will Russia solve the problem of ATM shortage?

12 сентября 2022, 16:56
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The number of ATMs in the country is steadily declining due to Western sanctions, and they have not yet learned how to make their own.

There are problems with ATMs in Russia. In 2017, their number exceeded 205 thousand pieces, by January 1, 190.4 thousand remained, by the second quarter - 181.2 thousand. Considering that ATMs are mainly imported, the figure will continue to decline, experts of the Provisional Government predict.

The Central Bank, according to them, has already presented a roadmap for import substitution: the first domestic ATMs will be tested in the fall, large-scale production should begin in the first quarter of 2023. According to the plan of the Central Bank, the companies Saga Robotics and BFS should make money on this. True, it is impossible to localize production 100%: the body will be made, and the electronics will have to be looked for somewhere. All hope is again on China and parallel imports. Sberbank and VTB are still purchased by ATMs in China.

Saga Robotics already had a joint project with Rostec (NPP Signal) to produce "import-substituted" ATMs. With imported stuffing. By 2025, they promised localization of production at 80%, but the story developed traditionally for Rostec: in August 2021, a prototype was presented, and then everything died out. Most likely, the ATM suffered the fate of the rest of the “analogues” from the Chemezov corporation.

In the summer, BFS LLC announced that they were already building a plant for the production of domestic ATMs, but even here a problem arose. Artem Zhilonov, co-owner of the company, said that the device would work on domestic Elbrus processors. But Taiwan stopped shipping and there were no domestic processors. Now they are looking for supplies from China. Which, in principle, is logical - are we now all switching to yuan?