Posted 12 сентября 2022, 07:36

Published 12 сентября 2022, 07:36

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The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center: more than half of citizens are afraid of contracting covid

12 сентября 2022, 07:36
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In August of this year, 55% said they were afraid of contracting the coronavirus themselves or were worried that the infection would be detected in their relatives, follows from a survey by The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center.

In July, we note that the figure did not exceed 8%.

In addition, analysts found that the maximum share of those who were worried was recorded in the period from October to November last year, which is about 65%. Then the indicator fell, and in March it reached its minimum value - 44%.

By the way, in Moscow and Voronezh, more than others expect the strengthening of measures to combat coronavirus infection, and least of all - in Rostov-on-Don. In early September, the Ministry of Health announced that with the start of the new academic year, the number of coronavirus cases in Russia would increase.