Posted 14 сентября 2022,, 14:12

Published 14 сентября 2022,, 14:12

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The European Union will make free roaming for Ukrainians

The European Union will make free roaming for Ukrainians

14 сентября 2022, 14:12
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The President of the European Commission will discuss this issue with the President of Ukraine during his visit to Kiev.

The European Union will introduce Ukraine into its free roaming zone. This will allow Ukrainians throughout the EU and at home to use the services of their mobile operators and not pay for calls from abroad, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wrote in her blog:

“We will introduce Ukraine into our European roaming free zone. It's time to do it".

Now European officials are studying the possibility of completely abolishing roaming fees between the EU and Ukraine. And today this issue will be discussed by the head of the European Commission and the President of Ukraine:

“We will enable Ukraine to use its potential to the maximum. Building on the success of solidarity paths to ensure uninterrupted access to the single market. Introduction of Ukraine to our free roaming zone. I am going to Kyiv today to discuss all this with President Volodymyr Zelensky”, - said Ursula von der Leyen.

But in Russia, the opposite trend is observed: over the past six months, all operators of the "big four" Russian cellular companies have changed the conditions for providing international roaming.

In this regard, Kommersant cited the assessment of TelecomDaily CEO Denis Kuskov, according to which the increase in the cost of basic roaming tariffs increased by 5-40%, and the cost of options that allow saving on communication services during the trip, by 40-60%. The reason for the rise in roaming prices is a significant decrease in its consumption, the expert said.