Posted 15 сентября 2022,, 15:35

Published 15 сентября 2022,, 15:35

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Incredibly fast! Astronomers have recorded entire groups of UFOs over Kiev

Incredibly fast! Astronomers have recorded entire groups of UFOs over Kiev

15 сентября 2022, 15:35
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Scientists of the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine claim that they have discovered both single and groups of several UFOs together.

Astronomers of the Main Astronomical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine published an article in which they claim that they have repeatedly observed UFO flights over the capital of this country. Moreover, they conducted observations at once from two meteor tracking stations - in Kiev itself and in the village of Vinarovka. Scientists use in their research a special observational technique for detecting UFOs, while distinguishing two types of them: phantoms (phantoms) and space (cosmics). Both of these species are very fast, and therefore almost impossible to photograph. “The eye does not register phenomena that last less than one tenth of a second. It takes at least four tenths of a second to recognize them. To detect them, fine-tuning of the equipment is required”, - wrote astronomers who have recorded both single and group such UFOs.

Phantoms are "completely black objects" that "do not radiate and absorb all the radiation falling on them." Finding and measuring the distance to them is not difficult, since they contrast sharply with the sky. But cosmic, on the contrary, glow brighter than the sky. “We see them everywhere: a large number of objects, their nature is unclear”, - the scientists write.

In general, the topic of UFOs has become relevant again after the recent recognition by the Pentagon that its experts have repeatedly discovered flying objects that may pose a danger to our planet.

Ukrainian researchers do not put forward hypotheses about what exactly these UFOs were, they record observations, specifically mentioning the size (from 3 to 12 meters) and the incredible speed (up to 15 km / s) of these objects.