Posted 16 сентября 2022, 13:02

Published 16 сентября 2022, 13:02

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Sunset of the West. The center of the world is shifting to Eurasia

16 сентября 2022, 13:02
Кирилл Полтевский
A little more, and the economic power of the Eurasian countries will exceed the Western.

Kirill Poltevsky, businessman, publicist

I think everything is falling into place. The center of the world is gradually being identified where, in fact, it should be - that is, in Eurasia. I think in the future, the UN, or some other catholic center of the world that will come after it, will be located somewhere in Kashmir.

But all this has not happened yet. In the meantime, we see only little things that already testify that all this will be so. Here, the Pope has arrived in Astana. They put on a Kyrgyz hat on him there, in which he looked about as good as in a tiara, since these two hats are, in general, similar.

Who is he, this "dad" - in Greater Eurasia? Yes, no one. He is nobody for the Chinese, nobody for the Indochinese, nobody for the Oceanians, nobody for the Persians, nobody for the Turks, nobody for the Semites and even for the northern inhabitants of Greater Eurasia, that is, for the Russians he is nobody.

Nowhere in the heart of gigantic Eurasia, and, in general, in its boundless expanses, where almost all of humanity lives, does this “dad” have neither temples nor countries revering him. He is a priest, revered only on the far outskirts of this vast continent, and, moreover, in South America.

Is he bad, this dad? Not at all. But it's just that here, in the center of the world, he looks strange - this "guy from the outskirts" who put on our native Kyrgyz hat.


You will say, but Eurasia is still poor. Well, yes. For now. But she's getting richer. Already China is the same as the USA (20 trillion). Already India - has overtaken Britain - each has approximately 3 trillion. Indonesia, Iran have economies approaching 2 trillion. And they grow. Vietnam has half a trillion. And in 15 years - there will be 2. The Asian Arabs will also have 3-4. And all of them listed are the Indian Ocean. That's where everything will spin now. A little more and the economic bowl of this ocean will outweigh all the others, and then all the water will merge there - all the money from the lakes and pools of the current rulers of the world - the so-called "West". But some have not yet understood this, and continue to broadcast to the whole world as if their opinion is important - all there are cute, but very far from the center of the Earth and very small - Estonia, Denmark, Norway and other small northern peoples, each with their own, of course , original culture and its unique, but, alas, already disappearing and obscure to most people on the planet language...