Posted 19 сентября 2022,, 08:55

Published 19 сентября 2022,, 08:55

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Stormy feelings have a violent end

19 сентября 2022, 08:55
Алина Витухновская
A new trend has emerged - "I love Russia." Those whom I call “messengers”, that is, supporters of common guilt and others like them, write in defiance: “How can you love Russia?” Implying that now it can only be hated.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

All this is very Russian in a bad sense of the word. A schizoid pendulum plus an endless anguish of feelings. Try to treat Russia rationally. It is impossible to build a state on feelings. If you really want to solve the problem of today's Russia, you should be concerned with state building, not the classification of emotions. None of those who publicly kick the people and the country will ever get enough popularity even to lead at least a local political process. Even in intellectual circles, anti-Russian, Russophobic hysteria. Which literally revel. Relieve mental stress, not at all thinking about the consequences.

“Stormy feelings have a violent end,” as the classic wrote. Among the Russian intelligentsia, there is a habit developed over the years to survey society from the outside, pour caustic liquids of bright colors on it, criticize it to the nines, but at the same time avoid participating in its life in every possible way, and above all, in politics. At critical moments in history, when the country is in dire need of people on the ground, including in key and responsible positions, the best part of society, unfortunately, prefers to distance itself from political processes, actually letting the situation take its course. And then she is surprised, pathetically wringing her hands - “Why is everything so bad?”

Society is not even degrading, no. It falls into some kind of mental state that is convenient for it, which is completely inappropriate for the current moment. Propagandists and especially hysterical cultural figures who joined them, and other social workers continue to figure out who is to blame for the failure, pouring red-brown mud on each other. And they do it not according to the order, but purely "from the heart." Believing in your own narratives as a guide to action. They thought that History was about them, but they ended up on the sidelines, not even silent extras, but psychotic victims, sitting under yellow lamps in those same yellow houses, deceiving themselves as a result. Highly spiritual, obsessed, rampaging microbes.

What is madness? It is the impossibility to show one's will and energy. It is something that does not find soil. Spins around its axis. And as a result, eats itself. And most importantly, it destroys the border between itself and reality, plunging into delirious non-existence.

Akunin-Chkhartishvili sang an ode to those who left as the only resistance and heroes. Exacerbating the already meaningless conflict between those who left and those who remained, turning into the stage of soft-civil confrontation. And completely unsubstantiated. People are different. They have different goals, opportunities, circumstances. But the collectivists do not understand. I wonder what it will be like to read now to Leonid Gozman ( recognized as a foreign agent - ed. ), who stayed here precisely because of his principles and continues to defend them while in the dungeons?

Writer Alla Bossart rightly notes:

“The remarkable author not only explains to the city and the world that half a million who left Russia protested in this way, but also warmly recommends that those who left should not return under any circumstances. The fact that some of these wonderful people, among whom there are real candidates for the pre-trial detention center, left, preferring emigration to prison, is understandable. But what does the protest of hundreds of thousands of new emigrants have to do with it? Well, yes, who argues, living now in Europe, America or Israel, in the Baltic States, Georgia or anywhere else is a million times better than in Russia. If you have a job there, decent housing and friends. And there is an opportunity to send the child to a normal, and not to a military-patriotic school. But where does the protest, I ask? When you tastefully smear a sandwich with black caviar, why not call it a protest against starvation?

Grigory Chkhartishvili is still Boris Akunin. Very successful, widely published and translated writer, bestseller, known in the world. Living in Europe, he changed the insurance and tax system. But he is still a Russian writer, writing in Russian in comfortable conditions. And thousands fled headlong, to nowhere. Saved literally. And, leaving everything, they found themselves literally without everything - without housing, without money, without a change of shoes, and sometimes even underwear. Is it conscientious on the part of a wealthy person who is not in danger of anything to advise hundreds and thousands of miserables to sit in the emigrant cracks where they foolishly, rashly, out of fear have ended up, and not rock the boat? "Do not come back under any circumstances." It's not even advice. It's a sentence, and a pretty terrible one".

Many people do not defend any principles or ideas, do not calculate political tactics and strategies. They simply feel a monstrous neurosis associated with the unconvincing (primarily for themselves) of their status, their biography. And all they want is for others to do the same as they do. To get rid of this monstrous uncertainty. Therefore, in Russia in general, and under socialism in general, Russians in general are always and everywhere bad. Now also abroad.