Posted 20 сентября 2022,, 11:44

Published 20 сентября 2022,, 11:44

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Russians are advised to take cash with them when traveling to Turkey

Russians are advised to take cash with them when traveling to Turkey

20 сентября 2022, 11:44
Фото: 1МI
The Russian embassy in Turkey advised Russian tourists who planned a trip to this country to take cash with them, as they may have difficulty paying with a Mir bank card abroad.

To date, two Turkish banks that previously accepted cards from the Russian payment system Mir have suspended their services under pressure from the United States.

Russian tourists can still pay by card through the terminals of those banks that continue to work with the system. "Unfortunately, this will have to be established empirically," the Russian embassy noted. For this reason, in order not to be left without money abroad, the diplomatic department recommended that Russians take cash with them for everyday expenses.

On Monday, Reuters reported that Turkish Isbank had suspended the use of Russia's Mir payment system. Turkish DenizBank also made a similar decision. Russian Mir cards continue to be accepted by Turkish banks Ziraat Bankasi, VakifBank and Halkbank.

Recall that last week the United States imposed sanctions against National system of payment cards, which acts as the operator of Mir cards. The US Treasury has threatened with sanctions those who will cooperate with the Russian payment system outside of Russia. The US authorities are trying to put pressure on foreign banks to refuse to cooperate with the Russian payment system so that Russia cannot evade Western sanctions.